Wednesday, May 16, 2007

michelle jank

Michelle Jank (born 1976 in Perth, Australia) is a well known fashion designer. She is sometimes also referred to as a fashionista, slang word for people that enjoy fashion.

Through her childhood, Jank always demonstrated interest in fashion and drawing. Jank attended the John XXIII College in Perth, where she was one of the top students in her art class, repeatedly scoring high grades at the end of the class semesters. In 1991, Jank became a fashion model, officially beginning her career in the fashion industry at the age of fifteen. After only two years at the University of Western Australia, where she tried for a fine arts degree in textiles and jewellery, Jank decided to move on and finally begin working as a designer. Jank registered her name in 1998, and opened a small shop where she sold her creations. Apart from that, she kept busy as a model, working both in Australia and the United States as a photography model for various firms and participating in some photo ads.

Jank calls herself a magpie collector, seeking out jewellery, laces and textiles in antique and second-hand shops. Delighting in their beauty and rich history these collected treasures form the starting point for Jank's designs. She collages, layers and hand stitches her found pieces into garments whose rich textures, visual appeal and mysterious and evocative past make them exclusive and treasured pieces.